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Kale Soup

It’s time for another hearty offering of deliciousness.  When feeling sick, a picky eater like me can’t just have some chicken noodle soup.  So what to do? Why, eat like a superhero and fix up some kale soup, of course. This isn’t just any kale soup, however.  It has heart-healthy spicy tempeh “sausage”, sage and […]

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Fish Taco

Fish tacos

A while back I discovered that Trader Joe’s is carrying gluten free battered fish fillets.  They are pretty tasty and cook quickly in the oven, but it gets a bit dull just having them with mayo or vinegar.  What to do…what to do… The answer?  Fish tacos! Of course I had to find a way […]

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Banana nut bread

Banana Nut Bread!

…with chocolate chips.  Mmm Mmm!  Gluten free and dairy free, this slice of deliciousness has EGGS and so is not vegan, but it is most definitely yummy. Way back when, my mother had a Fannie Farmer cookbook  It was one of the first cookbooks I used.  The recipes were straightforward, simple – not a lot […]

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Eating On the Go

If you have food issues, eating on the go can be hard.  By “on the go”, I mean any time you are away from your kitchen.  It could be when you’re heading home from work, away on vacation, or just visiting friends.  It’s not an option to just pull into a fast food chain, and […]

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Trader Joe's

Mmm…Trader Joe’s

Oh, Trader Joe’s, how I love thee.  Let me count the ways… Trader Joe’s (or TJ’s for short), for those of you who do not know, is a magical grocery store from California which is only just now finding its way into Texas.  I used to live in California and did most of my grocery […]

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Grilled Salmon Nicoise


After years of resisting the whole blog thing, I decided to start a food blog to keep track of some foods, recipes, and information that I find useful / enjoyable.  This is mostly for me and for my benefit but, well, it’s public so maybe somebody else will find it useful, too. I love food.  […]

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